 “A  songstress and lyricist whose music is described as alternative R&B. Before working closely with the Stones Throw affiliated collective, the Persian-American Los Angeles native hit us with a handful of teasers including collaborations with Anderson Paak’s official DJ, Callum Connor, & Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. single “Love” accomplice, Zacari. Then another with “u say u do” accompanied by MNDSGN, giving us just a little taste of what we’re in for in terms of vocal control on those vocal riffs and peak creativity via her witty lyricism. She’s hiding deeper meaning in her songwriting. She has curated a world of staggering dysphoria in the dreamy sounds birthed from lovelorn poetry and atmospheric vocal tone. Asal's lyrics are vulnerable, clever, revolving around themes of romance, enlightenment, and existential crisis. She features production from Stones Throw heavy hitters, such as MNDSGN, and Grammy-winning producer, Knxwledge, amongst others. Additionally, she has sounds coming from the depths of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles where she grew up in performing arts schools but was only singing & writing in the confines of her friends bedrooms. She talks about her introverted lifestyle as well as losing close friends & family at a young age over the decision to pursue music and staying true to herself. It’s only the beginning and we're all betting on this star.”  

    Written by V. S.